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Try yachting
Yachting is tantalizing, relevant, unforgettable. We confidently assert: IT-Regatta is the easiest and most comfortable way to join this sport. You don't need to look for a skipper, crew, choose a yacht, route, keep an eye on the weather, buy food and carry water bottles. All this is already done for you! Try yachting with our company - and if you like it, go on to further study and get your yacht driving license. We have added significantly to the number of skippers over the years of IT Regattas!
Take part in
sailing races

Even if you are a skipper with a license and already know how to sail - come and race with us! Every day we hold sailing races - it is incredibly exciting, and gradually everyone gets involved - even those who initially just went to sunbathe on the stern! Sailing races at IT-Regatta are held according to international rules, under the guidance of a professional referee, with gennakers. If you gather your crew, you can take your captain on board.
Clear your head
How can I put it more precisely... There are times when you need to get away from the operating system, to "change the picture", to unwind. And at the same time not to lie on the beach in your thoughts, but rather to take part in some kind of movement: in the air, with swimming, hiking, sea wind and new people around. Many insights are born in such an environment. It's also a great way to overcome professional burnout :)
Bring changes in
business or career

The IT-Regatta gradually evolved into a kind of week-long mastermind. Do you know what a mastermind is? It is a group format of work to achieve individual success, where everyone is sincerely invested in the success of a colleague. In word, deed, advice, magic kick. If you are from the IT business - you will be able to communicate with other entrepreneurs, exchange experience, get advice in solving your own cases and help others.
Owners of non-IT businesses also often travel with us in order to get into a hangout, to understand how to launch or develop their IT product. Almost everyone is welcome to get out of their familiar surroundings and get a new perspective. Our entire shore program is lined up so that you can achieve these goals.
Meet new people
Have you ever had friends as an adult? Most people answer this question in the negative. Family, colleagues, friends of youth - this is the traditional circle of communication, which tends to shrink rather than expand over the years.
But not for IT-Regatta participants! Here is at least one vivid example: two of our participants met at the regatta in 2019. It turned out that they lived in neighboring houses and their sons were born one day apart. Since then, the guys have been family friends and meet almost every weekend. And they have become so good friends that they are even mistaken for relatives :)
And you don't even have to write about the fact that you can find colleagues, partners, investors, and mentors at the IT-Regatta, it's clear enough.
Recharge the life batteries
IT Regatta participants often write to us about this in their feedback::
"This regatta really woke me up. Six months before that I was in a depressive state and tried all the old methods to get out of the slumber - nothing worked. And here in 7 days - as if a discharge and a shot of adrenaline right in the heart. I brought understanding and an almost clear plan for three directions in my business."
Ekaterina Protsiuk, CEO Paint&Wine

"This week turned out to be, among other things, an amazing energy donor, recharging my battery for new tasks and accomplishments!" — Alexander Ushakov, Director EBM Ural
1- 8 June 2024
21 - 28 September 2024
IT-business owners
  • New business contacts in your weight class
  • Help you solve cases that will help take your business to the next level
  • Disconnect from the operating work and reboot
  • Yachting and practice of races
Product managers and executives from IT companies
  • Communicate with entrepreneurs, discuss your business ideas
  • Get out of your usual environment and get a new perspective on things
  • Hang out with other people who have already started their own business
  • Break out of the routine
  • Bring a strategy to increase your income
  • Vacation, yachting, outdoor activities, races
Executives of non-IT businesses
  • Understand how to create and develop your IT product
  • Find partners for a joint project
  • "Clear your head, have a rest"
  • Try/practice yachting
Those who sympathize with the smart people in IT
  • New acquaintances
  • A week of relaxation in the atmosphere of "pioneer camp"
  • Yachts, sails and races
  • A vacation that you will remember for a long time!
Business breakfast
Going to sea, racing
Mooring, free time
Business shore program
🚀 IT product launch and development
🪢 People management (recruitment, motivation, management techniques)
📊 Business scaling, investments
🇺🇸 Entering foreign markets
🏄 IT business management issues
🌱 LifeStyle topics for executives (personal investment strategy, personal assistants, business/life balance, etc.).
📚 Books, movies, podcasts and more - that inspires us
On IT Regatta, the competition is conducted in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing approved by the International Sailing Federation. The officiating team plans the race course - the race start and finish place and the route.
With favorable weather and wind conditions, races can be held every day, but our primary focus is on the mood and desire of our participants to race.
On the day of the race all boats participating in the regatta go out to sea and go to the starting place. If the wind comes in, the officiating boat gives the start and the crew is expected to be active for several hours.
Judges enforce rules during the race, record finish times and summarize daily race results.
Business breakfasts
"We tried this format for the first time at the fourth IT Regatta and it unexpectedly went down very well with everyone! For breakfast, you come to a restaurant on the beach, and on each table there will be a sign with the topic being discussed at that table. The topics will be business and "to-do's". When you sit down at a table, you will almost certainly meet those who already have experience with the topic, or for whom it is relevant. Thus, we get 8-10 themed clubs each morning. But of course, you can also just eat in silence :)"
This is a series of short speeches (5 minutes each) during which you can tell everyone something you would like to share. Typically, people talk about their market, some unique experience of their company, a practical tool or a life philosophy. It is held before dinner - and immediately after the mini-conference you can sit down at the table with the person whose topic caught your fancy.
Solving cases
Any participant of the IT-Regatta can state his case, and in a specially organized discussion smart experienced people will ask him questions and share their experience and expertise. Often, this allows them to find solutions that are outside the entrepreneur's current world picture.
Yoga or other fitness activity
On IT-Regatta you will have the opportunity to start your morning with a yoga practice. Maxim, a teacher of the Ural Iyengar Yoga Center and the owner of an IT-company, is coming with us. Two in one :) He is great at giving us yoga practices in the morning right on the pier or even in a beach bar. After the last regatta, we even formed a "yoga online" group - of people who would like to continue practicing with Maxim (he's that good). Bring your own mats if you want to take part in this practice.
Guitar songs, discos, games, delicious food, wine and heart-to-heart talks
We're on vacation, after all :)
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